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The World’s Billionaire Cities

Right off the heel of my last post about the world’s poorest denizens, comes sobering article from PolicyMic that highlights the stark reality of global wealth inequality. It identifies the world’s most popular cities for billionaires, based on a recent report from Forbes.

Moscow remains the billionaire capital of the world, with 84 of the world’s richest people, together worth a total of over…

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Portraits of People Living on a Dollar a Day

Portraits of People Living on a Dollar a Day

As a lifelong citizen in a well-off part of a wealthy country (the U.S.), I’m doubly insulated from the miserable circumstances that are the norm for most of my fellow humans. Around 17 percent of the world’s population — that’s one out of six people — live on a dollar or less a day, lacking any stable source of food, medical care, housing, and other basic needs.

Not only do more than a billion…

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The International Arms Market

The International Arms Market

The Economist’s #Dailychart  from yesterday revealed the countries that buy and sell the most weapons. The United States, Russia, Germany, China, and France accounted for three-quarters of international arms exports over the past five years, with the first two taking the lion’s share of the export market (largely a legacy of the Cold War, which led both nations to build up a massive and still…

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Ten Places You Wouldn’t Believe Are in Russia

Ten Places You Wouldn’t Believe Are in Russia

This looks like something you would see in Tibet or China, right?

Well, this is the Ivolginsky Datsan, located in Buryatia, Russia. A datsan is a Buddhist university in the Tibetan tradition that is typically divided into a philosophical and medical department. This particular one was opened in 1945 and remained the only Buddhist spiritual center in the USSR. It hosts unique samples of old…

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When Mega-Cities Rule the WorldThe United States has always stood out among developed nations for its sheer size, in terms of…View Post

When Mega-Cities Rule the World

The United States has always stood out among developed nations for its sheer size, in terms of…

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Tunisia: A Beacon of Hope in the Arab World?

Yesterday, the North African nation of Tunisia, which overthrew its autocratic ruler in 2011 and served as a catalyst for the Arab Spring, passed one of the most progressive constitutions in the world, with only 12 out of its 216 legislators voting…

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Historic Photos of Iran

Click here to see an amazing collection of historic photos of Iran, courtesy of the Denver Post. The gallery vividly conveys Iran’s recent tumultuous history, displaying a side of the country that’s woefully unknown or misunderstood (as to this day).

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The Best International Relations Books of 2013

As some of you may recall, I hold a B.A. in International Relations and Political Science, and remain very passionate about both subjects. That’s why I’m happy to share information on the best academic and nonfiction books published in 2013, courtesy of F…

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Where Rebellions Are Most Likely to HappenThe Economist has published an interesting reportexploring the rise of sociopolitical strife around…View Post

Where Rebellions Are Most Likely to Happen

The Economist has published an interesting reportexploring the rise of sociopolitical strife around…

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How Many Countries Are There?

While this might seem like a given, as an International Relations and Political Science major, I can tell you that it’s a very complicated question that whole courses were devoted to determining. A great video by C.G.P. Grey attempts to address the issue…

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The Food Wasting Pandemic

In a world where around  870 million people suffer from chronic malnourishment — and tens of millions more come very close — wasting food would be a significant moral calamity. Unfortunately, as the Washington Post’s Brad Plummer reported on his WonkBlog,…

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Mexico: Land of Opportunity?

There’s a widespread misconception — bolstered by news media and political rhetoric — that the U.S. is enduring a flood of migrants from Mexico. On the contrary, both legal and illegal immigration from south of the border has declined by 80 percent since…

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Mapping the World’s Most Popular YouTube Videos

It’s self-evident that the internet has done much to bring different cultures together, helping to facilitate or event create trends that transcend boundaries and languages. This is especially the case with social media platforms such as Facebook,…

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According to a comprehensive new report issued by the Walk Free Foundation of Australia, there are nearly 30 million slaves in the world right now, including forced laborers, forced prostitutes, child soldiers, and child brides in forced marriages. In all 162 countries that were investigated, there were slaves present, including the United States, with around 60,000. Read more about it here.

The True Story of the Somali Pirates is Complicated

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